For most translation assignments, we will follow the standard
procedure which is detailed below.

Usually, the document for which the quotation is requested is
submitted by e-mail. If the assignment has to be treated as a
rush job, please contact us also by phone. Moreover, we also
like to be informed in advance of what kind of style is expected
for the translation and of the time-line for the assignment. All
your documents are handled with strict confidentiality.

Your payment can be made via PayPal.

Subsequently, the translation is delivered by ITS and you are
invited to provide feedback, or to have the translation checked
in the target country.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Particularly for translations of a specialized nature and / or if a
document is to be published, ITS advises our customers to
have the translation checked in the target country by an expert
in the matter. Any corrections that are reasonably required will
be made by ITS free of charge. In this way customer
satisfaction can be guaranteed.  

Special rates
For large and/or recurring assignments you may approach us
for our special rates. Special rates depend not only on the size
of the assignment but also on the time in which it must be
Contact us for a free quotation, free of obligation.

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