The cases have been slightly modified to suit this page. In
view of the confidentiality of the information the names and
titles of the respective companies and persons have been

    "I am so amazed about your service. I regularly send my
    assignments for our monthly publication to you. Way before
    the deadline expires you send me the translations. Your
    service fits seamlessly with our operations! Thank you,

    "The Mayor was really pleased about the speech. It had
    clearly been modified in translation to suit the needs of the
    intended audience. We are more than satisfied about your
    work. Great job, ITS."

    "We tried several translators and translation agencies
    before. However, our documents are quite technical. So we
    always had to make lots of corrections afterwards. Yet, your
    translation is just perfect. Thanks for your help."

    "As a government service, we receive many translations that
    are inaccurate, not to say, poor. However, the translations
    which you have supplied over the years demonstrate a
    proper understanding of the subject matter. You do not
    provide us with merely a literal rendering of the original. In
    fact, it is a cultural equivalent. Just what we need!"

    "For the past couple of years, our law firm has come to you
    with rush jobs, the last minute. You never let us down.
    Thank you for the accurate translations and for the quick
    turn around. We are looking forward to doing more business
    with you in the future."

    "As a multinational corporation, our translation needs are
    substantial. All of our highly specialised technical equipment
    must be sold with a proper instruction manual in the
    language(s) of the target country. Fortunately, we found ITS
    up to the task of handling the multilingual projects. Also, ITS
    observed the deadlines as agreed. We like doing business
    with them since they have the proper expertise."

    "Our business deals with overseas customers, so our
    website needed to be presented in various languages. ITS
    was a great help in advising us how to go about this. Their
    expert translations have served to attract many international

    "For our emigration, we needed many documents translated
    for the government. Fortunately, ITS provided us with the
    proper legally valid translations. Thank you, ITS."
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